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Terms and Conditions

Incentive eligibility on real estate transactions: (A) requires customers to work with the Home Sweet Rewards program through the dedicated toll-free number or the online request form and to utilize the real estate broker/agent specifically referred by the program consultant for home sale or purchase;  (B) may not be available to individuals receiving certain corporate relocation benefits, subject to a review of specific policy restrictions and other benefits received for the same property transaction; (C) is not available by contacting any real estate office directly; (D) is available to customers not currently under contract with a real estate sales professional to buy or sell; (E) requires a minimum home sale price of $100,000, excluding land only transactions; (F) is based on a broker commission rate of 3% for a single-sided transaction, if your actual commission is less than 3%, your benefits may be reduced; (G) except where this program is prohibited by law.


*State Restrictions
​Some states restrict rebates, but allow an equal discount to be applied. 

Buyers are not eligible for a rebate or a discount in Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Tennessee.
Buyers may be eligible for a rebate, only from the real estate broker in Alabama and New Jersey.
Sellers are not eligible for a rebate or a discount in Iowa and Kansas.
Sellers may be eligible for a discount, only from the listing broker in Alabama, Alaska, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon and Tennessee.  

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