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Spring Cleaning: The Reason Behind the Season

Spring cleaning can feel like a huge undertaking at the beginning of the season, so you may wonder if there is a point to all the work.

Woman cleaning and dusting living room.

Spring cleaning is all about giving your home a fresh start for a new season.  Not only does it make your home feel more inviting, but it also helps us to maintain a healthy and stress-free environment.


According to Dignity Health, spring cleaning has been a tradition for centuries, dating back to when homes were kept warm by burning wood and coal, and were often lit using oil and kerosene lamps.  All of these materials, mixed with the tightly closed windows and doors to keep heat in, left homes covered in soot.  Spring was the perfect time to clear out the winter debris, as the warming weather allowed people to scrub clean their floors, dust bedding outside, and even simply open the windows to allow the burning soot to escape.

While we may no longer need to clean our homes due to burning wood all winter long, spring cleaning has continued to be a yearly tradition.  It marks the start of a new season, and welcomes in the warmer weather by brightening our indoor spaces. 

Here are the top five reasons to tackle spring cleaning for both your physical and mental health:


• Reduce stress

• Improve health

• Increase productivity

• Physical movement

• Increase self-esteem


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